Trio Tweezer Pack - Plasma Black Edition

Trio Tweezer Pack - Plasma Black Edition

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Trio tweezer pack

Our Trio Tweezer Pack is the ultimate toolset for all of your eyelash extension needs. The pack includes three professional-grade tweezers in different styles, each designed to make your eyelash extension application and maintenance a breeze. Featuring a straight tweezer, an isolation tweezer, and a volume tweezer, each is made with a precision-crafted, stainless steel tip.

These tweezers are durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean, featuring a unique design that fits comfortably in your hand and allows for maximum control and precision. Whether you are a professional lash technician or a lash enthusiast, this Trio Tweezer Pack is a must-have for your lash collection. Each tweezer tip can easily be cleaned with a cleaner to remove all glue residue. Sanitise it using our handy alcohol wipes.

What you get ..
- 1 x Isolation mini tip tweezer 
- 1 x Volume tweezer 
- 1 x Straight tweezer

Cath these tweezers featured in our GAME CHANGER TWEEZER pack, which includes a FREE tweezer case valued at $22


  • High-Quality Japanese Steel
  • Super Comfortable 
  • Grip Surface - No Slipping 
  • Matte Black Edition 
  • Easy To Use 
  • Light Weight 
  • 12cm Long

Tip for cleaning - Clean the tip of your tweezers with a tweezer cleaner to remove all glue residue in between clients to ensure high sanitisation. Wipe down the body of the tweezer with alcohol wipes