Deluxe Training Kit

Deluxe Training Kit

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Our Deluxe Training Kit includes everything you need to get started with your Lash Extension Business, even if you are still practising this kit will benefit you! 

It includes all of our Premium Quality supplies - If you brought these items separately it would be valued at $485! So YOU WILL SAVE by purchasing this kit & items in bulk!

Needing more than 1 kit? We offer wholesale prices for orders over 4 kits. Want more info? Click here

What's included in this kit? 

  • Mannequin head + practise strip lashes 
  • 9mm 4D .07 x 1 tray 
  • 10mm 4D .07 x 1 tray 
  • 11mm 4D .07 x 1 tray 
  • 12mm 4D .07 x 1 tray 
  • 13mm 4D .07 x 1 tray 
  • 14mm 4D .07 x 1 tray 
  • 15mm 4D .07 x 1 tray 
  • Classic lashes - Mixed length 
  • Jade stone
  • Ultra bond adhesive 5ml
  • Luxury foaming lash bath + cleansing brush 
  • Cream remover 15g
  • Tweezer cleaner 
  • Lash primer 10ml
  • Black isolation tweezers 
  • Black volume tweezers 
  • Black classic tweezers 
  • Under eye gel pads (50 pack) 
  • Mascara wands (50 pack) 
  • Micro-brushes (50 pack) 
  • Lip brushes (50 pack) 
  • Medium plastic mirror 
  • Adhesive wipes 
  • Non-woven tape 
  • Green tape 
  • Micro-pore tape 
  • Air puffer 
  • Acrylic lash tile
  • Hydro-meter 


Professional Use ONLY: All of our products are intended for use ONLY by trained and certified Eyelash Technicians. Under no circumstances should our products be used on yourself, or by anyone without appropriate training in professional eyelash extension application. Lashed by Shanai accepts no responsibility for the misuse for our products.