9D .05 MEGA Tray

9D .05 MEGA Tray

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Our MEGA Trays are Premium Silk, soft & super light on the eyes for the most comfortable feel. Mega trays are 3x the size of regular trays which means you are paying 5 cents per fan! Speed up your lashing time and create beautiful sets with the darkest fans on the market 

All of our Premium Silk lashes have a semi-gloss finish and are made from the Highest-Quality Korean PBT material and are handmade.

Pre-made Fans are the future, lash smarter not harder! 

*No animal testing on ANY of our products!

  • Korean PBT approved
  • Premium silk 
  • D curl fans
  • Handmade fans 
  • Heat bonded bases
  • Cruelty free
  • Dark black
  • Short stem fans
  • 480 fans per tray 
  • 22 lines per tray
  • Size on each strip

Also available in: 

  • 4D .07 Premade Fans (440 Fans Per Tray) 
  • 5D .07 Premade Fans (440 Fans Per Tray)
  • 6D .07 Premade Fans (400 Fans Per Tray) 
  • 7D .05 Premade Fans (480 Fans Per Tray)
  • 8D .05 Premade Fans (480 Fans Per Tray)

Correct way to pick up fans:
When using our pre-made fans, it is important to pick them up correctly, pinch the base of the fan with your tweezers & pull towards you to ensure you do not damage or break part the fan. 

Professional Use ONLY: All of our products are intended for use ONLY by trained and certified eyelash technicians. Lashed By Shanai accepts no responsibility for the misuse of our products.