About Us

Creating positive change in our community, one lash at a time.

Lash Nation Supplies is one of Australia's leading and fastest Lash Suppliers. A one stop-lash shop that lash artist around the globe can come to order supplies or check-out with the option for pick up same day. Lash Nation Supplies has and will continue to be built around a positive, compassionate and a diverse community. Our supplies are a big representation of our brand awareness and we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality supplies to our customers. Being a reliable supplier is what we strive for in the space for the industry, continually keeping stock of the must have products. But also offering a same day pick up option for those that may need that last minute stock order.

Founded on a passion for a change in the lash industry and a never-give-up attitude our 'why' will be a vital part of what we stand for at lash nation supplies. We believe in bringing a positive change in the lash industry space. A place where up-coming lash artist's can learn and grow their very own successful businesses. Starting any business is hard, which is why we have created a blog to be able to help lash artist's on education on their journey. As we know the struggles of building an empire, from packing orders from our lounge room to now being prepared out of a 300sqm warehouse. Our hard work with the help of our customers, loyalty and support has allowed us to invest into Lash Nation Supplies.